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Top Beaches To Visit In Costa del Sol

Top Beaches To Visit In Costa del Sol June 4th 2019

The Best Beaches To Visit In Costa del Sol

We all love a good bit of relaxation. Kicking your shoes or sandals off after a long day at work, what better way to forget about your everyday problems, than strolling to one of your local beaches. With the soft golden sand underneath your feet, beautiful sunshine kissing your skin, the warm turquoise ocean peacefully shimmering alongside you & an idyllic backdrop that is befitting of a romance film.
Costa del Sol allows you to take advantage of these perks, with an immense amount of stunning beaches for you to visit. You also get to benefit from the areas being a tourist destination, with the beaches offering great amenities, restaurants & atmosphere.
The most popular destinations are within Estepona & Marbella.

Estepona Beaches

Estepona proudly hosts four blue flag beaches, which certifies the high quality of the surrounding area & of course the beach itself. There are 15 beaches to visit in Estepona, so you will never be in short supply of options, and they all offer different reasons to visit. So what are the best beaches to visit in Estepona? Starting off with the quaint cove of Playa Del Cristo to the West of the town, and then the opposing endless stretch of beautiful white sands at the La Rada Beach to the East. But we will discuss the lesser known beaches.

1: Playa del Cristo Beach

Cristo beach is easily accessible via the N-340 motorway and is located close to Estepona port. This beach does have a long stretch of sand for you to sink your feet into. With fine, soft sand & calm clear waters to accompany it. You have access to showers, changing rooms, disabled access. There are even Chiringuito’s located nearby so you can have some food & drinks mixed with a great atmosphere.

2: Saladillo Beach

Saladillo beach is perfect for those of you who prefer a little more space to enjoy your peaceful relaxation. With a sandy stretch of 3.7 miles, Saladillo beach is much quieter than others in the area due to the vast space. It is great for a stroll along the shore, taking in the surrounding panoramic views. This area also has an area for kids to play in. As well as Chiringuitos, jet ski hire & many more amenities, making it great fun for the whole family.
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Marbella Beaches

Marbella is arguably the most popular destination in Spain, it is an absolute dream for beach lovers! With an unbelievable 23 beaches stretching along the 17 miles of coastline. Just like Estepona, it too boasts blue flag beaches, with seven in total! Which is the highest amount for any coastal town in the region of Andalucia.

1: Playa del Cable (Bounty Beach)

Playa del Cable stretches over 1300 metres long and an immense 70 meters wide, giving you so much space to set up camp. It is a popular spot for younger people, with beach bars, beach parties, DJ’s. It has a great atmosphere that is energetic and buzzing. It also has places to eat at reasonable prices, with many amenities and activities located there. Making it fun for everyone to visit.

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2: Playa Real de Zaragoza

Real de Zaragoza beach is another long stretch along the glorious coastline, reaching a length of 1700 meters! It is often cleaned giving it an untouched aura that gives a feeling of paradise & isolation. It is accompanied by plenty of beach bars, restaurants & amenities & even lifeguards in the summer months. There is also parking nearby so you have easy access.

3: Playa Los Monteros

Playa de Los Monteros, just to the east of Marbella, featuring glorious white sand & long stretches of coastline, reaching 450 metres of stunning beachline. It is a relaxing & peaceful area in a luxurious area surrounded by 5-star hotels and expensive developments
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Other Areas
Estepona & Marbella aren’t the only places that have amazing beaches in the Costa del Sol area, including Torremolinos, Benalmadena. All of which have spectacular coastlines that are worth visiting, to take in their natural prowess.